Whether you’re operating locally or on a global level, your Practice being on the first pages of the Google search results especially for searches in your niche will create a huge impact on your business growth overtime.

In this digital era, one of the first things website users do before making buying decisions is doing online research about the services they want. Doing a Google search is among the common ways they do their research.

For example, if I am new to a city like Chicago and I want to see a dentist, one of the first things I’m likely to do is a general “google search” about the best dentists in Chicago. The dentist clinic that I will choose will most likely be among those that were on the first page of Google search results. That’s how powerful your local ranking on Google is as far as getting new customers is concerned. In today’s article, I am going to share with you everything you need to do in order to increase your business ranking on google.

Your business appearing among the first results may not require you to have a website but having one gives your business an added advantage. If you don’t have a website and you want to appear in the search results of searches done in your niche locally, then you have to register your business with Google My Business.

Google My Business is a service that helps customers who make searches find relevant businesses that offer services related to what they are searching for. When a business is registered with Google My Business, users will able to get contacts, directions to the business and also see reviews of what the previous customers or patients have said about the business. So, by all means if you want to get some free traffic from Google search, you need to have a better ranking in Google My Business listing. Here is how you will have to do it;

  1. Signup for Google My Business

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for Google My Business. If you’re not signed up chances are your business won’t even appear in the search results. To signup simply go to Google My Business and add all your business details as required. Make sure you add as much information about your business as you can as this will also give you more scores as far as your ranking is concerned

  • Make sure you use a local phone number

While filling in you’re business information on Google My Business, always make sure you use your correct local phone number with your area code (and country code) appearing first and not a zero. This will help Google know that this person, business or practice, is operating in that particular country.

  • Verify your location

As you sign up for Google My Business, you will be required to add your location. Make sure you add the right location of the business. If you happen to change location, you can come back and make changes at any time

  • Add captivating photos

Adding good looking photos to your listing will make your business attract more clicks which in the long run improves your ranking. So, take good images that represent your brand well and add them to your Google My Business listing. For starters, you need to add a photo of your logo, cover photo and at least three other photos that users will browse through to learn more about your services.

  • Add the days and hours of operation

Make sure you also add the accurate days and time you operate. This will help Google display your business more in search results especially in times when you’re open.

  • Get some people to review your business

You can always request some of your patients who liked your services to write a good review about your Practice on Google. Positive reviews highly improve your ranking. Remember to reply to your patients’ reviews as this will show humility and appreciation of those who took time to write a good review about your business.

  • Make sure your website is SEO friendly

Your web presence also has a huge impact on your ranking. To improve your search ranking, make sure you have an updated website! Also ensure that the main pages of the website have some local keywords in the content to make it easy for google to know that your website is owned by a business in that particular location.

In Conclusion

By doing the above, you’ll greatly improve your local ranking in Google My Business listing and other google platforms like Maps and Search. Statistics show that a typical business that is listed on Google My Business receive at least 59 actions every month. These actions include website clicks, calls, getting directions, etc.

This should give you more reason to have your business listed on Google My Business and most importantly among the first ones especially for local searches that are within your niche. So, sign up and make sure you add as much information as possible. Not only will this improve your rankings, it will also give your patients  more options of reaching out to your Practice!

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